Table Lamp Ball Filisky XL Gold - TLFSBXLGO

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Size: XL (16 Ø x 16 inch, >10lbs)

Shown in Polished Brass.

These gorgeous table lamps by internationally acclaimed Zenza Lighting are simply stunning when illuminated, casting beautiful patterns across your walls and ceiling.

Handmade in Egypt, these Zenza light fixtures are hand spun from solid brass. The patterns you see in the Zenza Lights are punctured freehand, without the use of stencils, making each an original work of art.

These Zenza table lamps ship with 4.5 feet of wiring and on/off switch with plug. They are bright enough for task lighting in a room or ambient lighting if dimmed. Please consult technical specification sheet.

This Zenza light will gradually patina over time. As this is a hand made product, variations can occur.

Technical Specification