Borana Covered Milk Vessel C

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Traditionally the Borana Galla  are cattle-keeping pastoralists. Their containers are made of twine & silver. The vessels, like this one, were used to store and serve milk to guests. They were also hung on the wall as decoration, take three to nine months to complete, and are all made by women.

Fibre from the roots of Aparagus africanus are preferred but various other plant fibres could also be used. Women use an awl and stick to weave the aids and the fibre is then softened by water. 

These baskets are also waterproofed by being steeped in an infusion of acacia bark, smeared inside with melted fat or paste of sorghum flour or smoked with smouldering sticks which give off a resinous gum to coat inside.

This is a genuine Collector's Item.

Approximate measurements: 22" H x 12" D

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