Squishy Fingers Ceramic

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Emerging in the early 1990s, Belinda Blignaut is a Johannesburg-based conceptual and experimental artist whose work has served as a commentary on the social and political uncertainty of South Africa. Through an engagement with wild clay, processing immediate surroundings, she hopes to translate the ways we adapt, a quiet visceral investigation into life and the creative process. 

These are purely intuitive hand-built shapes. In looking to create from a deeper source, Blignaut began digging her own wild clay, using it unprocessed to allow for chance, unknowns and the natural reactions between the foraged raw materials and minerals. She uses plants as glaze.

This gorgeous Vase looks like a timeworn antique, and has an organic sculptural beauty all of it's own.

This is clay at its best, right out of the ground.

Approximate Dimensions: 19"H x 8"W