Will it Fit? Getting Furniture Through Your Door

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Today we’re posting some really practical advice. It seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how many clients we’ve heard from who’ve experienced just this.

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Daily Deal sites like One King’s Lane, online auctions from Ebay to Live Auctioneers, not to mention wandering around your city’s flea markets and home design stores make it easy to want to snap up a spectacular find.

forest canopy bed

King sized mattresses are the best investment, provided they fit through your door

But while love at first sight or the ultimate deal may be hard to pass up, do yourself a favour and keep measurements on hand of key locations in and around your home to ensure pieces will actually fit through your door and into your room of choice. 

Zenza Lights foyer

A narrow staircase with a bend can pose a huge moving nightmare as can low hanging light fixtures.

With older buildings and homes especially, and condo and apartment elevators, it’s easy to get caught up in the expanse of your room and forget about the narrow hallways, the turn in the stairs, the weirdly small doorway or even the exceptionally narrow street, that all pose obstacles to your receiving your new gem.

charcoal wardrobe - small

While this Snob armoire clad in a sumptuous black ostrich hide can be removed from its base, you don’t want to scratch the beautiful leather fitting it through a narrow doorway

Sofas, king sized mattresses, armoires, dining table and media centres tend to be the pieces that folks purchase (and sometimes even have custom built) that don’t end up fitting through the doors.


Here are some basic measurements to keep on hand:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.23.33 PM

  1. Exterior Front doorway height,
  2. Exterior front doorway width and clearance to opposite wall
  3. Staircase width
  4. Staircase corner width and clearance to opposite wall if there’s a bend. Also note leaded windows or window sills that could be damaged or otherwise pose an extra obstacle.
  5. Height to low-hanging light fixtures
  6. Interior doorway width and clearance to opposite wall
  7. Interior doorway height
  8. Stairway overhang, beams or light fixture clearance

* Remember to ensure a large delivery truck can fit down your street and into your driveway. Ask for these measurements before delivery.

**Remember to also measure the stairwell leading up to your unit or the height, width and opposite wall clearance of your elevator, lobby and landing floor.

Happy hunting! May you find deals and treasures that will make your house the perfect a home!

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