Stone Bird Home Accessory

Snob stone birds perched in lucite carved from stone by hand in Zimbabwe I believe that art and accessories are the final layer that make a house a home. They define your individual sense of style and often say a lot about your personality. But how you go about choosing the home accessories to display in your space is sometimes not easy. Choosing the right piece for the right place often requires a keen eye for balance and flow and the ability to edit. Because we can’t display every knickknack we’ve ever acquired. As I travel across Africa to look for unique home accessories to bring back for the North American market, I keep my eye out for things that are a little unusual, things you’d never find in a big box design store. I seek out things for their beauty and craftsmanship; I look for pieces with a strong narrative and that je ne sais quoi that is sure to elevate a space. Snob - Field of Stone Birds from Zimbabwe On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, I was gob-smacked by a field of stone birds. Carved by hand from stone these lovely birds were perched on long spindles; it was a dramatic sight to see them all flocked together. google adsense banned Instantly I knew I needed these for our showroom in Toronto. To make them the perfect home accessory for North American interiors, we had to lose the long spindles in favour of something that would make them tabletop ready. To add a little sparkle, I gold-leafed the beaks and I changed their perch to a slim metal gold-leafed spoke that I planted in a lucite block. The lucite would support the weight of the stone while also adding a little sophistication. After a little trial and error, a few prototypes, I was really pleased with the final version. stone-bird-in-lucite   The design phase can be a tricky one as you work with an idea in your mind’s eye, with the results that can run the full spectrum between astonishing and total disappointment. These however, turned out so well and I wanted to share their story. The birds as created by My Bird Man were perfect as is of course. But these little tweaks make them a wonderful home accessory. Each bird is unique with such expressive character, and I just can’t get over how wonderful they are.

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