Spring’s Flock

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Winter blahs got you down? It’s time to let spring into the home. Nothing says spring quite like birds to me. Their return from their winter migration. The songs that fill the trees. Nests full of new life. If you want to introduce a little bit of avian life into your home, we’ve got a gorgeous and eclectic collection for every taste. Dramatic Art blue bird room If you log onto Pinterest and you may just get lost in a tropical bird paradise with the search ‘oversized bird art’. There’s something about these magical creatures – their fine feathers, the majesty of flight and the range of form they take from the flamingo to the penguin, the hummingbird to the hawk. Adorning your walls with these birds bring whimsy, drama and a link to summer skies. We currently have a small selection of animal and bird prints in the shop. Stop by as they’re sure to be snapped up fast. birds - paris apartment If you want to go big with your avian love, there’s no better choice than the Juju feather headdresses. Hung in multiples or by itself, the feather headdress will instantly make your space pop. The texture of these is an extra sensual layer adding interest and warmth to a room. Though white headdresses are the most popular, I am partial to the richly coloured versions. Go bold, I say. Shop our feather headdresses here. Simple Accessories Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.07.00 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.06.29 PM

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From ostrich eggs to metal sculpture, hand-painted boxes to hand-carved stone birds our beautiful avian accessories work in any space and with a range of decor. A single ostrich egg can feed a family of 7. In regions like South Africa they really are a source of sustenance and life. These eggs perfectly juxtapose power and exquisite delicacy, just like life itself. stonebirds-95-ea-sold-out-but-will-get-more These stone birds, which we’ve written about before, are the perfect combination of heavy and light. Carved by hand from polished stone, we’ve mounted them on gold-leafed perches in blocks of clear lucite. Perfect on table tops, they bring a little joyous nature inside and all year round. Shop our Stone Birds here Pillows Ardmore-Pillow-Bright

Ardmore Birds PillowNavy-Ostrich-Pillow1

Blue Ostrich Feather Pillow

And of course the easiest-peasiest way to freshen up a space is with pillows and throws. Updating your pillows with something that echoes the coming spring is a wonderful way to welcome a new season. And as we love, love, love birds, we’ve got you covered if you do too. From ostrich feathers to bright avian prints, there’s no better way to warm up your space. Shop our Pillow selection here.

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