Spring Fashion Trends


Fashion images form Harpers Bazaar

I got lost in the pages – both virtual and magazine – of some spring fashion trends for 2016. As always I am amazed by the artistry and technique we\’re seeing from some of the top fashion houses. Sometimes if I\’m not bold enough to take on a fashion trend, I celebrate it in a small way by introducing it into the home. Want to do the same? Here are a few ideas. \"Mali-Batek-Pillows1\"

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Lots of designers seem to be embracing tie dye! Silky textiles, dripping with vibrant colour were seen in the collections of Altuzarra, Baja East, and Thakoon. If you want this look at home, try our Mali Batik Pillows or other silky throws and pillows. \"Spring We called it earlier in the year: we think pink is going to be huge this year in interiors, and this season we\’re seeing it a lot in fashion too! I love how versatile pink can be. From bold, strong and passionate, to romantic, to girly. Pink does it all and I\’m so glad it\’s getting it\’s moment of glory. \"Screen   \"Monkeybiz-XLarge\"

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Get the look with a funky home accessory, like one of the amazing MonkeyBiz figures, or maybe our lovely pink marble coffee table which brings just the right amount of feminine dazzle.


Rock and Roll is another Spring 2016 fashion trend. Designers like Alice + Olivia, Coach and Rodarte are totally paying homage to the 70s rocker chick. I love the layers, the mixed textiles and materials, the contrasting prints! It\’s over the top and it\’s awesome.


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Want to introduce something with a little edge in your interior? There are so many ways we can help you celebrate your inner rock star,

from feather headdresses to ostrich leather furniture, to something a touch more subdued like a suede or leather throw pillow. Come on, you know you want to!


And last but not least, I noted lots of weaving happening in the textiles used to create some pretty gorgeous and avant garde fashion. You know how we feel about things handwoven! I love how weaving using natural fibres celebrate organic form and brings a little nature in. I also love it\’s sculptural quality and the movement it can create. Such a visual treat.



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Get the look in your home with a woven pouffe, a crocheted vessel or one of our many amazing baskets.

What do you think? Are you having a favourite fashion moment right now? Does it translate as well in design? Do tell!

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