Solving Problems with Bespoke Solutions

If you’re a bather like I am, it’s difficult to figure out where to place all your spa essentials within reach when you’re in a modern freestanding soaker tub. I am not a fan of the bridge, you know that shelf that perches between the sides of your tub. So what’s a gal to do?   20150110_105839_resizedWe recently had a client with this very issue. She had just moved into a new home, complete with a beautiful modern bath with a centre-piece soaker tub. The bathroom also happened to come with two extra tiles. The previous owners had left behind two marble tiles that they had used as the bathroom’s flooring. She came into Snob one day with the tiles in tow, hoping we’d somehow fashion a storage solution out of these extras. In case you didn’t know, we offer fabulous custom pieces at Snob and I was certainly up to the challenge. I measured the tiles, we chatted about her needs, the overall look of the bathroom and in the end I came up with the idea for two beautiful stainless steel side tables topped in her marble tiles. These would be perfect for displaying a few special pieces and also keeping lotions and potions at hand.   For those of you design enthusiasts who like details, here’s what we did: 20150110_105821_resized

After measuring the tile, we built a custom table base in stainless steel. Before installing the marble top, we cut a wooden support for the table frame.

2015-01-10 16 26 08_resized

And here is our end product.

IMG_20150114_230644 (2)

Et voila! In the client’s home!

Solving problems with bespoke solutions! Feel free to contact us with your design dilemmas. We love tackling projects big and small with one-of-a-kind solutions.

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