Skin and Bone

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I think many still think of decorating with hides and bones as being very one-note. Very masculine. Very man-cave. But truly, introducing skins and, yes even bones can truly beautify and elevate a space. Sometimes the effect will even soften a space.  Skins, rich in texture and colour, are an immediate sensual feast. While the natural curve of horns evokes the feminine.

Definitely Not the Man Cave



The wall mounted kudu skull and the ostrich clad cabinet above are decidedly not for the man cave. Using horns as a table top display, mounting skulls and creating oomph with ostrich clad furniture can work in any room. All you need is a love for the eclectic.

Embrace the Unusual 

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Think outside the cowhide carpet or the wall mounted skull when you’re decorating with these materials. A piece of furniture wrapped in cowhide will instantly add visual interest and a splash of texture without veering too far into a given design direction, brandishing you a cowgirl.


Same goes with something like this exquisite zebra framed mirror. You’re showing just enough skin to add interest.

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While many people like to display horns mounted and upright, they make a striking vertical table top display, just loosely scattered. I just love the curve of these horns, the organic texture and colour. They are a versatile yet unexpected design piece.



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sometimes it’s about the subtle touches. It’s the accessories that pull a space together and offer a touch of flare and the exotic. Including pieces like this ostrich clad box or zebra hide tray will dazzle and surprise your guests. Accessories are especially great for those a little faint of heart. They allow you to try a look without all the commitment.


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