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Snob - Zenza light over dining table in open concept space

Snob oversized Zenza pendant over dining table in open concept home

Ever wonder how much space you require to make that perfect piece fit? Whether it’s the dining table that can accommodate a big and growing family, hanging the perfect sized light fixtures, or fitting art on the wall, here are a few good design rules of thumb. Dining Table Size vs Size of the Dining Room Snob dining table scale and proportion Obviously you need a table that adequately fits your preferred number of diners. But space is at a premium these days and the formal dining room seems on its way out. So how do you know your table will fit your space AND ensure your guests have enough room to get up and down comfortably? If you’re trying to determine if your 7 foot wide table will fit in you 14 foot wide space, try these tricks:

  • It’s recommended that you leave about 32″ inches from chair to wall/furniture, to ensure guests can get up and sit down comfortably. You might be able to cheat this a little by choosing smaller scale seating, like a dining bench along one side. If there are small children around your table, seat them all on one side and decrease the amount of space on this side to make the most room for your grown-up guests. Sometimes a bench up against a wall is perfect snug seating for little ones.
  • Take a bed sheet, tarp or tape together sheets of newspaper to arrange it in the shape of your dining table. This will give you a sense of the scale the table will have in the room and give you a chance to pull out your measuring tape.
  • Generally speaking, rectangular tables work well in spaces that are long and narrow, while circles and square-shaped tables do well in more compact spaces.

Here are a few drool-worthy examples Snob - circular dining table makes the most of small space This circular dining table makes the most of a small space by propping a bench right up against a wall in the corner. The singular large-scale Zenza pendant is the perfect size for this space. Snob - long space uses horizontal dining table

via Desire to Inspire

This long open concept room perfectly accommodates a large narrow dining table. Lighting Pendants   Centred oversized pendant Lighting pendants and chandeliers make great statement lighting in so many areas of the house. You have to take the overall size of the room into account as well as the height of the ceiling, and the furniture you’re placing the pendant over. You want to ensure your scale is just right. Zenza lights in cluster over dining table Here are a few guidelines:

  • Over a dining table one large pendant can be centred and hung about 28-32″ over the table.
  • For 2 or more pendants clustered over a table, hang them a little lower.
  • Be sure to ask yourself what the lighting is for – ambient or task, or both. Select your size and light type based on this answer.
  • In the bedroom pendants can replace lamps on the bedside table when spacing is limited. Be sure not to go too big with these pendants
  • In the washroom, a pendant makes a pretty alternative to a wall sconce. Hung in front of the mirror just ensure, it’s not low enough that a tall head will make contact.

zenza in the bedroom

via Decouvrir Design

Art Snob - cluster of art over sofa to create drama

via Elle Decoration

Again, it’s all about scale and proportion. Get some newspaper and create shapes that are the size and shape of the art you want to display. First line these up on your floor to get your preferred overall group shaping, then use masking or painters’ tape to adhere these individual pieces to the wall. What do you think? Does it work? If your piece of art feels too small, would reframing it in a larger frame help? Can you cluster a group of smaller prints or frames around it to increase its presence? Snob - scale of wall art for juju feather headdress

via Becki Owens

Remember though, rules are always made to be broken, so don’t worry about taking some risks. For favourite pieces of art and must-have furniture pieces you can make it work. Just get creative and get a professional’s expertise if need be.   Happy decorating!

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