Moving Outside

fairy ligths

Despite an early April snowstorm here in Toronto, nice weather is around the corner. I mean it has to be, right?! And for those of us lucky enough to have outdoor space – a deck, a garden, an entertainer’s dream patio – it’s time to give some thought to swinging the doors open and moving some of our day outside.


lanterns, garlands and fairy lights

I suppose fairy lights and garlands of lanterns seem a little cliche? But there are so very many lovely styles to choose from these days. Some are even solar powered, making their use without a power source that much easier. I do love the look of delicate white lights twinkling in the evening. Just picture yourself on the first truly warm spring evening, sitting on your deck, your porch, in your garden with a glass of wine and some soft tiny lights giving you just the right amount of glow.  It goes without saying, but  always be sure to choose outdoor (never indoor) lights and carefully read about their installation and use. Lighting is never the time to cheap out with dollar store garlands. Safety first people!

tree wrapped in fairy lights

And if it truly is too expected, too quotidian to string a garland of lights outdoors, why not try something a little more unique like wrapping your trees? How I’d love to sit here and read into the dusk!


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Shop our Baskets and Boxes here

Just like accessories and art are the final touches that make a house a home, they shouldn’t be overlooked outdoors. For patios, gardens and decks though, I like to keep accessories neutral in colour and made form organic materials. After all, we’re celebrating nature!

Baskets to hold some outdoor essentials, from books and a light throw for the dawn or dusk nip in the air, to children’s toys, or your gardening essentials are a perfect outdoor accessory. We carry an assortment of over-sized handwoven beauties that can liven up and organize your outdoor space.

ronel jordaan outdoor rocks

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Ronel Jordaan’s fabulous felt rock cushions come in an outdoor version, would you believe. A great textural addition, these add pops of visual interest while also doubling as an ever-cool seat or ottoman. And while the outdoor finish makes them perfect for transitional spaces or your patio, we don’t recommend actually leaving them out in the elements.

bamileke stool cake stand

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Ahh the Tonga stools. These artifacts are perfect outdoors as extra seating or as a little side table. They even make a unique centrepiece for your al fresco parties! The intricate carvings in the wood add a real sculptural quality to your space.

Plant life

collander planter

There are thousands of creative planter ideas out there and if you’re putting together even a tiny outdoor space, I insist you bring some greenery to it. Go to your local nursery or farmer’s market to get advice about the hardiest plants if you’re worried about your lack of green thumb.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.03.02 PM

Shop our Seating here

Whether you’re going all out with an outdoor kitchen and full dining area or just have room for a little oasis, seating is a must. Go for something comfy, something you can sink into, something that invites you to stay.

These are our handwoven Malawi chairs. Aren’t they pretty? While I wouldn’t suggest you leave them out in the elements, they are perfect to bring outdoors on sunny spring and summer days. I love their curved shape, the texture and the craftsmandship that has gone into these. They’re also available painted in black and white if that’s your preference.


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