Magic in Unexpected Places

Denise with the Windmill makersWe love home accessories at Snob. And I especially love that our fine pieces are imbued with such culture, humour, and skill. Many are one-of-a-kind and all are handcrafted. It’s a small pleasure in life to show off a special object in your home, even more so if that piece comes with an exciting story.

So here’s a little peak behind the scenes, a little insight into how I source the objets d’arts you can find through Snob. For many of the pieces we carry, I have cultivated direct relationships with the artist, designer or artisan and our relationships are long lasting ones. But sometimes I come across pieces in unexpected ways.

Snob windmill sculptures in gold and silverThis awful image of me – fresh off a 23-hour flight – was snapped moments after I screeched for my driver to turn the car around. As we were travelling down the road, out the window I’d glimpsed absolutely gorgeous windmills. Though I was on my way to a spa to work the kink out of my neck, we just had to stop so I could see these beauties up close and chat with their sculptors. I ended up buying the entire collection on the spot. The transaction was a happy one and it meant that the gents could end their work day early. But I did have to fight my driver, promising the pieces I’d just bought wouldn’t rip his upholstery or worse yet, poke him en route.

It’s transactions like these that add such interest to our offerings and give you a story to share with guests in your home. Purchases like this one often only happen once because, as hard as I try to source more, often I can’t find the artisan.

As for these windmills, I can guarantee they are one-of-a-kind pieces. Once back at home base, I had them spray painted in golds and silvers. And look at them now: a perfect piece on a bookshelf or a desk! A lovely home accessory with an exciting travel story!

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