Interior Design: Follow Your Animal Instinct

Cowhide rug

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Here at Snob it’s no secret we aren’t afraid to use hides and skins in our interiors. They are a fabulous way to add character, luxe texture, pattern and colour. They also celebrate the animal and tie us to the natural world in an unshakeable way. I think that reminder is important. And while hides and skins aren’t for everyone, you can rest assured that we only carry ethically sourced and CITES-approved (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) pieces.


animal 4  

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Cowhide, once only for rustic cabins and man-caves, has become downright ubiquitous in modern homes. But you need to have discerning eye to use it properly. It absolutely can be a point of high glamour in a space and to pull this off, I recommend staying clear of the cowhide rug in favour of a furniture element. I love the cowhide chairs in this room, they elevate the space. The polished metal legs give the room the right amount of sparkle, accented beautifully by the occasional table nestled between. The seating is sumptuous and invites you to just melt into the chairs. X-Stool We specialize in custom cowhide furniture. Just choose your base and finish type and your hide and we take care of the rest. Check out our cowhide line here, the X-Stool is one of my favourite Big Drama Little Footprint pieces.


LookBook2015113 The ostrich deserves a post all on its own and it will soon get one, I promise. The unique look of the skin of the legs adds a new dimension of texture to your furniture and home accessories. There’s simply nothing quite like it, especially dyed in a bold colour. We make ostrich clad furniture and accessories in more than 50 shades. Now that’s how you make a statement. This console/cabinet above has a mirrored top and the door handles are actually African Currency artifacts, just to make it absolutely one-of-a-kind. Check out our full collection here. Snob_Oct20140485

Shop our ostrich clad box here.


LookBook2015118 Zebra-Ottoman1 Zebra hide is also becoming more prominent in North American interiors. Do a Pinterest search and prepare for a headache of stripe overload (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). While black and white is absolutely a modern and glamorous palette, just remember that less is most certainly more. The bold black and white zebra works best in spaces that aren’t terribly busy. Again, like with cowhide, consider thinking outside of that rug box and use zebra hide in smaller accessories like a throw pillow or a tray. If it’s a statement you’re looking to make, try upholstering a small piece of furniture like we did with this gorgeous ottoman. It will more than liven up your space. See all we do with zebra here.



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snake skin console LookBook2015131 Snakeskin is another skin that many equate with luxury, but like zebra it’s easy to veer off into tacky territory. Because snakeskin brings texture, pattern and colour to a space, be sure to consider all the design elements of a room before you go wild. In the right room, with the right balance, it can be absolutely exquisite. How about you? Do you follow your animal instincts when it comes to design?

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