India, A Trip of a Lifetime

Mumbai food marketNot too long ago I went on a trip of a lifetime to India with some family and friends. Here are some of the hidden gems and special stops I made en vacance. Laundry One fascinating observation during this trip was seeing two worlds colliding, of old and new, rich and poor. There’s so much development happening, especially in Mumbai. But this is happening amidst street markets and ancient temples. The image above is where the city’s laundry is done, but in the distance you can see towers being erected. Below is a temple with intricate carvings done to its exterior. This is juxtaposition I mean. Temple 2 We used guides while in Mumbai and highly recommend them. One tip is to use student guides. Their perspective on modern India is so interesting and if you’re up for it, they’ll take you to see more than just the famous monuments. Shashi 1 Shashi 2 One of the most special evenings we had in Udaipur was a cooking class we took with Shashi. The food we learned to make was so flavourful and the evening was full of laughter and new friends. Pictured here on the left is Barney Saltzberg and his lovely wife. If you’ve got kids in your life, you’ve likely heard of Barney’s wonderful books, among them my favourite Beautiful Oops. A loving story about fostering creativity and how there are no mistakes when it comes to creating something beautiful. Brass pots Beyond phenomenal food, I also was on a personal buying trip for my home. Those brass pots I just couldn’t leave behind. Mirrored pillows India is known for its textiles and I did find some glorious treasures, like the mirrored pillows above, and the mirrored textiles below. The textiles I decided to frame and I am so happy with the result. What do you think? Textiles 2   photo The pots and mirrored textiles are from a shop called Design Pataki. International shipping was very straight forward and clearly they’re well experienced with retailing internationally. You can check them out for yourself here.   Elephants arriving for a wedding   And outside our hotel one morning, these magnificent elephants were arriving. All decked out, they were here for a big wedding. Here are some of my best tips:

  • Go with a reputable tour agency, or recommended tour guide. When you can, use student guides if you want an interesting perspective on modern India.
  • Not many young people speak English, so studying a phrase book will serve you well. Bring one with you.

In Jaipur

  • Fab shopping at Anokhi Textiles– look for dazzling clothes and home accessories in traditional printed fabrics
  • AKFD is Jaipur’s first Interior Design Shop

In Udaipur

In Mumbai


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