How To Use Zenza Lighting In Your Home

Zenza Lights foyer

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We simply love our Zenza pendant lights. These are handmade in Egypt. The gorgeous patterns created in the metal are created by hand, punctured with no stencils used. So they are in the truest sense one-of-a-kind functional art. Zenza Home office

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Made from hand-spun solid brass, each pendant can be plated in your choice of nickel, silver oxide or left in the golden brass colour. We are pleased to offer non-tarnishing finishes – we are actually the only North American supplier to offer non-tarnishing finishes! We also wire our units so they are up to North American safety codes. If you’re thinking of purchasing Zenza lights, do ensure this is the case with your merchant. dining table zenza

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One of the loveliest things about Zenza lights is that they are so very versatile. They work in any room, in a range of decor styles and help create moods from dramatic to playful, from serene to romantic. An obvious place for these pendants is hung in clusters over a large dining table. f0f1f484327f369353e2e563a73c4dcb

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I simply love this look in particular. It’s dramatic, opulent, luxe, exotic – I could go on for days! The spacing of the lights here is key to the balance and flow of the space. 2e7668f8d4a634d2ef1ec05384c64901 bedside light

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Less expected than over the dining table are Zenza pendants in the bedroom. It’s the single asymmetrical use as bedside lighting that’s feeling really inspired to me. So very romantic! zenza kitchen blue

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zenza kitchen

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The fact that Zenza pendants are available in a wide breath of sizes means they can be used in small spaces and to define areas in a wide expanse. These kitchens are certainly quite different, in mood, design style and size but the pendants work equally as well over their respective islands. I would love to be in the second kitchen after dark with only these illuminating the space. I’m sure the effect of the shadow patterns would be dazzling. 5a2573157821dd1bda10191bcd104cec So where would you use yours Zenza pendants? And what’s your favourite look? Join us in conversation on Facebook, won’t you? We would love to hear what you think!

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