Hanging Textiles

African embroidered textile

Throughout history textiles have been a major form of artistic and cultural expression across the world. In many parts of Africa, textiles have been used, not just as fashion, but as a powerful means of communication. Contemporary artists continue to use textile arts to tell stories and weave (pun intended) culture, history and current politics into stunning moderns works of art. These pieces deserve to be showcased on walls as art.


African Mud Cloth
I love textile art. I love that textiles are a veritable feast for the senses. And more than just good for pillows, curtains and carpets, many artists are working in these media to create true works of art. I love this mud cloth wall piece: the colour, pattern, weave, and tassels really make it a showstopper.


African Baskets

When you’re thinking of hanging textiles on your walls, consider scale. Textile art can be a great way to display either an oversized piece or to cluster many smaller pieces together. I love the look of these colourful hand-woven reed baskets grouped together. The large piece below is being used as a headboard and works to create drama but still keeps the space cozy.



Framing textiles is another fabulous way of displaying them. Putting textiles behind glass also allows them to be preserved, something you want to do, especially in the case of antique pieces. Do be sure to go with a high quality, low reflection glass so that you can still appreciate the intricacy of the weaving, embroidery or other handicraft technique. When you choose matching frames, you can mix up your textile choices and still have a cohesive final look as below.

framed textiles

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