Gifts From the Ostrich

LookBook2015131   There’s no question, we love the ostrich here at Snob. Where I come from in South Africa, they are a ubiquitous animal, often times causing a lot of mischief. But their gifts are also plentiful. From eggs and shell pieces to leather and feathers, we use it all. Add our designer’s eye and some ingenuity and you’ll be amazed at what we can create with the many gifts from the ostrich.   red-ostrich-egg-on-gold-stand-400x600   For starters, a single ostrich egg can feed a family of 9, making them an essential food source in many parts of Africa. We celebrate this odd bird, by using just about every part of it, for food and for ornament. I particularly like how the ostrich egg shells look mounted on a stand. They are at once strong and delicate, and their perfect oval shape adds wonderful dimension, especially among modern interiors with their strong lines.   LookBook2015134   We also specialize in creating fabulous custom-made ostrich hide furniture and home accessories. There’s nothing quite like the leather grain of ostrich legs: there’s sumptuous texture there that makes you want to reach out and touch it. And with more than 50 shades of dye, you can go bold or neutral with your choice. This barely there console is silver-leafed by hand and topped with a tangerine clad ostrich hide. Gorgeous! MirrorOstrich_cherry1000 This bright cherry red mirror is sure to perfectly frame your pretty form. How can this colour not put a smile on your face and some pep in your step?   8-Contemporary-Rooms-Global-Style

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And because we were serious about revering this bird, we also celebrate the ostrich by using their gorgeous long plumes in home decor pieces. The hanging pendant is a fun way to add texture and femininity to a space.


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And of course, throw pillows are another great way to add texture, colour and fun to your seated areas and beds. These just invite guests to get comfy, perhaps even a little too comfortable…

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