From Cookie Cutter to You

So many modern builds these days tend to look much like all the others. This is especially so for condos. Same isn’t a bad thing, and it’s always nice to live in a space with a familiar and functional layout, but every home needs to reflect the people who breathe life into

the walls. Here are some easy – and inexpensive – ways to make a cookie cutter home, undeniably yours. Lighting be2ff7c4a0d006ea8b91589cd85e7c27 zenza light

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Rentals, new condos and town homes usually come with that builder’s choice lighting. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s so…blah. Nothing can add warmth and impact to a space than swapping out those fixtures and adding beautiful lighting. Zenza pendants are striking and when illuminated cast the most striking shadows across your room. Try hitting up antique and flea markets too for special finds for every room and for every budget. Textiles swazi bowls

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Area rugs, dramatic drapery and fun throw pillows are a great way to add instant visual and textural interest to any space. Here at Snob, we also love to take handwoven baskets and hang them as wall art. These can work in many spaces, big or small, just keep your eye on proportion: choose the right number and size to ensure you’re not over-powering or underwhelming in your chosen space. Paint painted vanity painted door Quick and easy on the pocket book, paint – especially in a bold colour or in an unexpected place can elevate your room. Think doors, ceilings or cabinetry or even hardware. Spray painting in metallics can turn the most most boring piece into something truly glam. Wallpaper wallpaper 2 wallpaper An accent wall in a pretty print can be just what you need to separate your space from the masses. There are so very many options on the market these days to suit just about any taste and aesthetic. Wallpaper can be a good way to define space in open concept layout too, helping the eye to break up space. A Custom Piece LookBook2015113 metal-sideboard-10001

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If not a custom piece, than invest in a piece that stands out. Sometimes this may mean a cool upholstery for your seating or a daring ostrich clad piece. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that resonates with you, something you really love.   Happy Decorating!

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