Elevating the Bathroom

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Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi’s bathroom

Bathrooms sure are a functional area of the house. I mean given what we do in there, it’s not wonder it’s among the last area of the home to get a little design love. We just don’t give washrooms much thought above function. But even if you don’t have the space for a spa retreat, little things can elevate the lowly bathroom and make it truly beautiful. While we can be somewhat limited in the types of accessories and furniture we can use here, there is lots of potential. shower senufo stool The above two pictures show how something as simple as a traditional wooden African stool suddenly softens the space. The rounded corners and curving lines of these pieces are a stark contrast to the hard tile and angular lines of the shower. It’s a perfect match. Swoon. Shop our African Stools here. Snob zenza pendant WC bathroom lighting Lighting makes a huge a huge impact in the washroom. It can be the feature that turns a humdrum room into a spa retreat. It’s also so often overlooked too. Swap out those ceiling mount builder’s choice fixtures in favour of some fun and sparkle. I love the small scale Zenza pendant in the powder room. With the shadows this would cast, the effect would be positively dreamy. Shop our Zenza pendants here. Just remembers to ensure that whatever light fixture you choose, it’s wired appropriately for the bathroom. african baskets for washroomLet’s not forget storage. From laundry to linens, toiletries and more, the bathroom is a hard working space. Gorgeous handwoven baskets are a great storage solution in the washroom. They will immediately warm up the space with their colours, texture, and shape. It’s the perfect juxtaposition really. Shop our Baskets here. IMG_1966 And finally for those washrooms where space is an issue, try floating furniture. Look at this perfect, space saving makeup nook. Floating shelves and furniture really are the answer to so many small space problems. In a range of finishes, sizes and colours, they are versatile. The final effect is flexible too: from minimalist modern to fun and funky. Shop our Floating Shelves Here.

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