Here at Snob we love working directly with clients, interior designers and architects to create custom pieces and installations for corporate spaces and homes. Whether you’re looking for something built to the dimensions of your physical space, want to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece, or are looking for assistance with a larger scale project, we can help. In fact custom pieces and projects are a specialty of ours. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll bring your dream space to life.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Let’s chat

We talk about your ideas and space. Send us some dimensions, drawings, or photos of the area you’re looking to address. Tell us about the function of the space or piece in question, as well as the colours you’re drawn to and those that currently dominate the space. Give us the budget you’re working with. 

One of our recent clients needed a console table. She wanted something striking but with minimal footprint.


Step 2: Line drawings, samples and stains

Snob - line drawing client console

Next comes the fun part! Based on our conversations, we create drawings of your piece or space for you to approve (if necessary). These blueprints are sent off to the makers. This is the time when you make final choices about finishes. And do we have choices: from wood stain, paint colours, metal leafing and exotic upholstery choices.


Our client wanted something sophisticated but bold for her console table. She chose a rectangular steel frame that is light and airy. This frame is defined both by its shape and its negative space.

She wanted to add some sparkle and colour, so she chose a hand-leafed gold with a rich patina for the table base and a gorgeous ostrich leather for the tabletop.


Step 3: We have it custom built and finished


Our pieces are custom built across Africa to your specifications. Just as we work personally with you to create the blueprints for your pieces and space, we work personally with our designers, artists and artisans across Africa who bring it to life.

Often we further refine your piece in our Toronto, Canada workshop where we are able to hand paint, gold and silver leaf, as well as frame, mount and do custom metal work.


Our client’s piece came in and was nearly perfect. The finishing touch was to painstakingly hand leaf the frame in gold. Her choice in a rich tangerine coloured ostrich leather is a perfect compliment for the base.

Finish choices include:

Metal frames and table bases
For tables, stools and chairs, choose your frame shape and also its finish from brushed, black or polished stainless steel. Metal bases and frames can also be painted or leafed in gold or silver. We also offer a range of lucite table legs and bases.

Snob Stuff black and white side table made from black steel with a circular white lacquered wood top

Snob zebra side table with stainless steel frame. Made in South Africa

Snob circular black marble coffee table


Metal Leafing, Painting and Lacquering

gold leaf sample board_web_1000px

We are pleased to offer metal leafing, painting and lacquering for many of our pieces from wire sculpture, wood artifacts to the metal bases and frames of our furniture.

This sample board demonstrates the various techniques and effects we can achieve including muted to bright gold and silver, as well as a range of patina options in a glossy or matte finish. Gold and silver leafing is meticulously applied by hand by our resident artist who is trained in art restoration.


Material Choices

We specialize in building leather clad furniture and offer over 50 colour choices in our ostrich leather alone. Exotic and sophisticated at once, our ostrich clad furniture is very popular material choice for custom projects.

We also source a variety of hides and skins including zebra, cow, croc, springbok, hartebeest and snake. All our hides and skins are CITES approved (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species).

Our upholstery choices are similarly varied and include rich velvets and silks, to traditional African textiles.

For tabletops, in addition to leather, we work with marble, mirror, glass and hardwood.


Floating furniture

Snob Stuff floating furniture room scene

Our line of floating furniture is not only modern with its clean lines, but also truly multi-functional. We can build shelving and drawers to your dimensions in combinations that can create floating desks, entertainment units, and display areas. We’ve even used these pieces to create a set of functional stairs.
The floating furniture comes in a range of colours, materials and finishes to match many different decor styles.

These are a perfect solution for small spaces where you wish to reduce the footprint of furniture as well as create multi-functional pieces that also offer lots of storage and display space. These shelves and drawers are easy to mount to concrete and drywall alike and can withstand 200 pounds of weight.