Spring Fashion Trends


Fashion images form Harpers Bazaar

I got lost in the pages – both virtual and magazine – of some spring fashion trends for 2016. As always I am amazed by the artistry and technique we\’re seeing from some of the top fashion houses. Sometimes if I\’m not bold enough to take on a fashion trend, I celebrate it in a small way by introducing it into the home. Want to do the same? Here are a few ideas. \"Mali-Batek-Pillows1\"

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Lots of designers seem to be embracing tie dye! Silky textiles, dripping with vibrant colour were seen in the collections of Altuzarra, Baja East, and Thakoon. If you want this look at home, try our Mali Batik Pillows or other silky throws and pillows. \"Spring We called it earlier in the year: we think pink is going to be huge this year in interiors, and this season we\’re seeing it a lot in fashion too! I love how versatile pink can be. From bold, strong and passionate, to romantic, to girly. Pink does it all and I\’m so glad it\’s getting it\’s moment of glory. \"Screen   \"Monkeybiz-XLarge\"

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Get the look with a funky home accessory, like one of the amazing MonkeyBiz figures, or maybe our lovely pink marble coffee table which brings just the right amount of feminine dazzle.


Rock and Roll is another Spring 2016 fashion trend. Designers like Alice + Olivia, Coach and Rodarte are totally paying homage to the 70s rocker chick. I love the layers, the mixed textiles and materials, the contrasting prints! It\’s over the top and it\’s awesome.


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Want to introduce something with a little edge in your interior? There are so many ways we can help you celebrate your inner rock star,

from feather headdresses to ostrich leather furniture, to something a touch more subdued like a suede or leather throw pillow. Come on, you know you want to!


And last but not least, I noted lots of weaving happening in the textiles used to create some pretty gorgeous and avant garde fashion. You know how we feel about things handwoven! I love how weaving using natural fibres celebrate organic form and brings a little nature in. I also love it\’s sculptural quality and the movement it can create. Such a visual treat.



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Get the look in your home with a woven pouffe, a crocheted vessel or one of our many amazing baskets.

What do you think? Are you having a favourite fashion moment right now? Does it translate as well in design? Do tell!

Layering for Winter

layering rugs 2 It’s winter here, and while we were lucky to get a pretty warm fall and early winter, it’s starting to get pretty nippy. This is the time to layer. And not just with fashion but our homes too. But a lot of people are hard-pressed to know how to pull this off and have the finished look be sleek and stylish. Here are some fun tips that will keep you and your home warm. Layer yourself with ponchos and capes, your home with rugs and carpets


Denise in a Maxhosa by Laduma poncho. Maxhosa by Leduma from South Africa was recently named one to watch by Vogue Italia.

I for one, love ponchos and capes. They are the height of sophistication. I love the rich texture of wools and the the amazing patterns we’ve seen emerge over the last few seasons. What better way to cozy up in a drafty office or resto than by ever-so-casually throwing on a cape or poncho. layered rugs Carry this look off in the home by layering rugs and carpets. You’ll keep your tootsies happy while also creating cozy and warm ambience. Layering carpets can be done to add loads of pattern and colour, but it’s just as easy to layer in neutrals too for that rich and sophisticated look. Layering mirrors to make the most of sunlight and adding bling to sparkle and shine IMG_2485 While the winter sun can be nice and bright, the fact that it rises late and sets early means it’s hard to feel like we’ve soaked up enough rays. Try layering mirrors on a mantle or using mirror in more than one place in a room to really reflect the light that does make it in. For the fashionable you, get the same dazzle by layering your jewellery. Stacked rings, layers of necklaces, a jumble of bracelets is just what you need to feel and look dazzling. Metal, gems and crystal always pick up the light and add just the right sparkle. Play with texture and length IMG_2486 If you’re worried you will look boxy in layers or your home will look too busy, keep in mind that playing with length and texture is a good way to get the sleek balance you want to achieve. Long flowing drapes with a cozy sheep skin gives this nook the perfect harmony between heavy and airy. Same goes with fashion: a short chunky seater looks great over a long light blouse, just as tall boots look great over tights or jeans. What are your fashion and design tricks to stay warm in the dead of winter?

Haute Couture of Snob

\"ScreenSensual curves meet black and white stripes in our ostrich pot

Home accessories really is fashion for the home. It\’s that final layer of adornment. It\’s how you display your personality, your politics, your sense of aesthetic. The art and collections, the vases and ceramics, the functional pieces that add texture and oomph, speak volumes about who you are and where you\’ve been. We\’ve been having so much fun here matching our Snob finds with fashion – both high and street – from around the Internet. Take a look at what we mean! \"Screen You know exactly who you are if you\’re celebrating summer in bronze leather shorts. Make the same shimmery statement at home with our bronze leather pillow! It\’s a perfect scatter pillow to announce you are fabulous.   \"Screen Love the
juxtaposition of the weaving of hair and the weaving of our reclaimed fishing basket. Both add visual interest and unique texture. Have you ever sported an avant garde hairstyle? Can\’t say I have, but I tip my hat to those who do!

  Not everyone is scared of bugs. In fact sometimes they are downright glamourous. Our dung beetles suspended in lucite make a gorgeous paperweight. It\’s unexpected, a bit jolie laide. And that bug cuff? Oh how
I want
that!   \"Screen Hand painted striped ceramics are dainty and bold at once. Just like this pint-sized model. Love! LOVE! What\’s moving you on the streets and runway today? Join the conversation on Facebook, won\’t you?

Fashion Forward Pillows


Today we launch a pillow sale. Changing up your throw pillows is a great way to freshen up you space to welcome in a new season. It’s quick and easy to do, and after the l.o.n.g. cold winter like we experienced in the north east, it’s something that’s good for the psyche. Bold Florals FullSizeRender (1)_1

Silk embroidery on linen, pillow by Snob


Silk embroidery on linen, pillow by Snob

  The textiles that go into making Snob’s pillows are sourced all over Africa. From South Africa, to Mali, from Senegal to Morocco, Denise’s travels take her to markets across the continent. Her choices this season offer timeless style, but are remarkably on point with fashion’s runway. Above the bold flower print trench by Marni looks similar to the linen pillows hand-embroidered with silk. Navy is the New Black 5-trends-navy-is-the-new-black-01-calvin-klein-rs15-2861-lg

Calvin Klein 2015 FullSizeRender (1)_1 (1)

Blue Velvet Pillow by Snob

Mali-PillowBlue Mali Pillow by Snob

According to those in the know, navy is the new black and we’ve got blues from teal to navy in a range of materials from cottons, linen, silk and velvet. Fringe and Suede The runways also celebrated loads of feathers and fringe and of pieces made from soft supple suede. I love pieces that echo the earth and it’s a pleasure to see organic texture and movement in both fashion and home accessories this year.   4-fringe1 - leather pillow look

Sonia Rykiel

Leather-Fringe-PillowsThe leather fringe pillows add fun and texture to your seated areas, while the understated warm earth tones help them naturally blend in with a range of interiors. 7-fringe1 - feather skirt via vogue  

Dries Van Noten

Copy-of-Brown-Ostrich-Oblong-Pillow     Who can resist our ostrich feather pillow from South Africa? Depending on your styling, they add sexy fun, bold sophistication, or a little whimsy to your space. 1-suede1 Derek Lam

Derek Lam

Snob pillow made from suede with a mali batik centre. generously stuffed with North American approved down

Suede with Mali Batik Centre

This year promises to be the summer of suede. Soft and supple, this material when worked right can be the height of luxury. Our suede and batik pillow is no exception. Interested in adding some new throw pillows to your space? To see the full inventory of our current in-stock pillows, now 50% off, click here.