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Dylan Thomas Fringe

It’s hot where we are. Truly, scorchingly hot. Hot despite being used to the temperatures of South Africa. It’s days like these when only the beach will do. Days by the water are so nourishing: refreshing, meditative. If you’re with a young family, also loads of fun. If you live to far from the water, here’s som easy breezy beachy inspiration to bring the coastal life to  you.

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Exotic shells can be displayed almost anywhere to instantly evoke the ocean and add some sculptural beauty to your decor. Mounted on a stand, scattered on a mantle or overflowing in an oversized woven basket, nothing brings you seaside faster.

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I will warn that when trying to bring some seaside style home, people tend to go a bit overboard (pun intended!). Leave the sailboat and anchor motif at the store and instead try to use natural materials that you’d find by the shore. Driftwood, natural grasses, glass and shell are great options. I also absolutely adore the Ronel Jordaan rock and stone pillows.


These stunning pieces are made entirely from felt and have no seams. The rock veins are created through a unique hand-felting process. They are incredible to behold and work both inside and out. A perfect way to blend your environments.



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beach style - baskets

One of our favourite things about decorating in the summer is that you are encouraged to be relaxed. Like the room pictured above, sometimes simplicity can be so refreshing. Handwoven poofs, baskets echo the organic texture and colour from the coast and are also incredibly functional pieces that can travel outside with you.

HausaBasket Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.26.23 PM

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Get the look with our range of hand-woven natural grass baskets, like the reclaimed fisherman’s baskets above. Smart storage, gorgeous texture and style that is perfect for summer.

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