Bonkers for Baskets

20150930_083804 Want a peak behind the scenes? A recent buying trip to South Africa was ever so fruitful. It was baskets galore that I ended up finding. Handwoven works of art these are. It’s quite something the different techniques and versatility of the finished product. Take a look at these beauties. Displayed on tabletops, stands or mounted to the wall, I love the combination of pattern and texture. 20150930_095202 Here are a few that I chose. I love the tassled baskets! And the black and white baskets will look so sophisticated in a grouping on the wall. 20151007_100831_resized_1 The amount of work that went into creating these large and colourful baskets is really quite astounding. The picture doesn’t do them justice, but trust me that they are very large and very very sturdy. Handwoven with all these brightly coloured strands in all those different patterns takes quite a lot of time. I am blown away by the craftsmanship that goes into making these. A gorgeous hamper, toy box, or foyer catch-all, they work just about anywhere and will keep you organized. 20151012_044407_resized These were lovlies were totally new to me and it was love at first sight. The technique used to make them is – ready for it – crochet! The baskets are crocheted and then treated with a resin to give them structure. They look like lace. In so many colours, sizes and patterns to choose from, I couldn’t find just one favourite. 20151012_044426_resized The oversized crocheted pieces can be used as end tables. They are far sturdier than they look. That’s the magic of them, I think. They look light as air, have such an ethereal feel to them and yet they can be used as furniture and functional vessels. 20151012_044442_resized Knitting and crochet has really been elevated in recent years. It’s no longer the pass-time of our grannies. Love, love, love! So do you have a favourite? How would you use these in your interiors? We’d love to hear!

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