Before and After – Welcoming, Rustic Lodge

Outdoor dining Want to see a miraculous make-over? Denise was recently in South Africa where she redid a lodge for a client. Living room Before Living room before - second angle Above are a few of the before pics. It’s a grand space with loads of potential. With such an open space and its massive peaked ceiling, it can be difficult to define spaces by use and also achieve the correct sense of proportion. Those were two of the design dilemmas to tackle. After living roomStacking two large headdresses above the fireplace and the use of oversize art works beautifully with the scale of the space. The extra large soft seating is made warm and inviting with the throw pillows done in great textiles, while the big custom-sized coffee table helps cozy up the space. Close up coffee table One of the primary design goals for this lodge was to pay homage to the incredible natural environment, capturing especially the textures and the wildlife. Between hide-clad ottomans, porcupine quill accessories, baskets woven from grasses, the gorgeous zebra artwork, the scenery is well represented. The use of organic textures adds a layer of sensory interest to the living space. And when pieces can evoke feeling from multiple senses they become that much more powerful.   Elephants 2 There is hardly a division between inside and out at this lodge, which is another reason for the need to echo the natural environment in the indoor space. For a better sense of this, take a look at the wandering elephants, just off the outdoor dining area. Quite incredible to hang out in such proximity with these majestic creatures! Living room after Another priority for the space was to highlight the incredible work of local artists and artisans and the unique cultural voice and dynamism of South Africa. Accessories This last layer, the decorative layer, of accessories might just be the most important. This is what defines a space as yours. Accessories reflect your taste, individuality, travels, roots and in the end are what makes a house a home. You’ll see here many pieces in this lodge that Denise brings back for the North American market. The royal blue Juju headdresses, the beaded hand-carved Namji dolls, currency artifacts, even the hand-woven chairs. All of these are available at Snob so that you too can bring the incredible voice of Africa into your home.

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