All you wanted to know about the Feather Headdress from Cameroon

traditionatl-headdress-352x500This glorious image is a photo of a tribal elder in full ceremonial garb including a feather headdress, also known as a Juju hat. Worn by the tribe’s royalty, as well as the royal dancers, these fabulous hats are striking with their bold colour and texture. For some celebrations, the top of the headdress would be filled with small candies and trinkets, which would fall to the ground to the children’s delight as the wearer danced about. The feather headdress has become popular in interiors around the world, especially as vibrant wall art. It’s easy to see why: they add instant drama, elevating a space. They are striking, yet soft and have an organic beauty. But you should be aware that not all headdresses are created equal . I hand select each of our headdresses for Snob, looking for the fullest plumes made with the most beautiful feathers. One of the most important features of a headdress comes down to how it’s weaved together. It’s a painstaking process to do it right, as the weave at the back needs to be very tight and then each feather needs to be sewn into the raffia base. Without the taught weave, the headdress simply won’t open properly. Your second concern when shopping for a headdress is in determining that it’s been properly fumigated. We triple fumigate all our headdresses and guarantee that they are sold free of all insects. Some retailers suggest in their care instructions that you should place your headdress in the freezer for a time before displaying it in your home. Please realize this advice is given only because the headdress may be full of insect eggs. Feather-guys-500x375 So while there are many new retailer of headdresses in the marketplace, given that these have entered the design consciousness, they aren’t all created equal. Know the signs of quality when you shop. Here I am with my Fabulous Feather Guys in their workshop in Cameroon. I make the trek multiple times per year to hand pick my stock. These guys make headdresses just for Snob and they are truly remarkable pieces!

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