All That Glitters

elephant sculpture_web500 Shimmer, shine, sparkle. For anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise at all to learn that I like a little sparkle in my interiors. Metallics and shimmer simply suit our dazzling personality, here at Snob, wouldn’t you say? While we never advocate for too much of anything, a little sparkle is the perfect addition to any interior and I think every room needs a little something. Too many people are scared to add metallics or accessories with a little glimmer, for fear they’ll veer off into the land of kitsch, or worse yet create a gaudy over-the-top mess. But with an editing hand and a deft eye, there are so many ways to add a little somethin’ somethin’ that’ll add the perfect dose of glamour and fun. Here are some ideas on how to add that luxe element. silver pillows_web 600 While polished metal is the no-brainer way of adding a little shine, you don’t need to stick with that material. These metallic throw pillows are a great way to add some shimmer. The centre and left pillows are actually leather and the one on the right is a raw silk emblazoned with fine silver and grey beads. We also gold and silver leaf wooden sculpture and artifacts to highlight fine detail and elevate the pieces for modern interiors. The elephant in the top image is one instance of how we do this. lucite bugs_web500 shells Turning to nature is another fabulous way to include glitter and glam. These beetles trapped in lucite add so much dimension with their luminescent colour. Same goes with the polished shells: they catch the light just right and add understated effervescence to a space. bead ring_web500 Beads, beads, beads. Africa is known across the globe for its beaded arts. These beaded bangles or donuts made in Cameroon add just the right amount of shimmer to your space. An interesting and intricately created home accessory, they may be just what you need to add that final layer of shimmer to complete your space. light fixtures650 And of course going with metals is a tried and true way up upping the glam with sparkling and glittering light. These unusual brass ring light fixtures are a unique and gorgeous way of adding just the right amount of oomph to a space. Love how these are defined by positive and negative space; love how the bulbs are as much a part of the artistry as the rings themselves. metal plane mobile800 This plane mobile is made by hand from metal scraps and contributes just the right amount of shine to a room, especially when the light hits. Love the shadows it casts too. As you can see, adding some shimmer, glitter, glam and shine need not mean your interiors are bedazzled. Metallics and shimmery accessories can be used to add fun, glamour, whimsy or sophistication to a room. Natural materials, polished metals, beadwork, textiles and a little paint are all able to contribute to that final layer of je ne sais quois that pulls your room together. Happy Decorating!     All pictures by Tim Bourgette

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