African Artifacts for Your Home

Snob Stuff woman's form carved from wood, this ashanti stool is a beautiful artifact to add to your interior Many of the pieces we carry here are made by contemporary artists working in Africa. And we’re constantly dazzled by their interpretations and inspirations of cultural icons and the unique vision they bring to their pieces. But we also have some truly spectacular artifacts from across Africa. Some of these are centuries old. This here is a peak at some of these incredibly special pieces. Snob - currency artifacts from across Africa Oversized, austere, commanding, these pieces are currency if you can believe it. Created by blacksmiths and used for trade, especially among agricultural communities several hundred years ago, these hand-forged copper pieces would be displayed proudly in homes as a show of wealth when not being used in a transaction. A fabulous home accessory, their sculptural and unique textural quality lent by the aged metal will only heighten their historical significance in your interiors. cow sculpture and headrests_1000px These lovely pieces make a unique tabletop accessory and a cool way to elevate a bauble for special display. But their actual use were as headrests when reclining in slumber by nomadic peoples of Kenya. Nigerian-Belt1000 Gorgeous and colourful, this beaded belt is a stunning piece of wall art. It was created for Nigerian royalty as part of the ceremonial wardrobe. Made with dazzling seed beads are masterfully sewn together. rocks and stool_web Intricately hand-carved from a continuous piece of wood, this stool is an artifact that I simply adore. The interesting shapes, the lovely carvings make this a warm and inviting piece. Perfect stool for an entry way or foyer. That this is also hundreds of years just adds depth and richness to its story and your home.   ladder This artifact is actually a very old ladder. The sculptural quality makes it a striking piece of art in your interior.   Design Tip of the Day Using artifacts is a great way to breathe life into your interiors. Especially true for modern, eclectic and minimalist spaces, artifacts and antiques tend to warm up a space and add unique character. Consider their addition when completing the look of your room.

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