Accessorizing with Jewel Tones for Fall



Here in Toronto, the sweltering heat of summer is finally starting the clear. The sun is at that angle in the sky that washes everything in golden light and the leaves are beginning to turn. It’s a spectacular time to be in the city. And the change in leaves is a real site to behold. It’s a wonderful time to switch up accessories in the home to reflect the change in seasons.


swazi bowls

kuba cloth - design sponge

There are so many ways to alter the mood of your environment. One way to embrace the seasons is to switch up the textiles in your living space. Baskets, pillows, and blankets can all be swapped out for things in earthy and jeweled tones, for heavier materials and cozier textures. Shop our pillows here.

Beaded Art

Clay Beaded Bangles Namji_FetishBeaded art is another way of adding the drama of fall without spending a ton or going to much trouble. These fertility dolls and the clay beaded bangles from Cameroon, add a bit of shimmer, colour and sculptural interest to your tabletop displays. Shop our Beaded Art here.



Snob Stuff Monkey Biz collection

If you want to add some vava-voom to your walls, nothing will achieve that faster than displaying a larger-than-life Juju feather headdress.  These are show-stoppers and they come in many colours perfect to celebrate autumn. Shop our Headdresses here


Happy Fall everyone!

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