Artist Information

Snob Stuff Girl with Map of Africa print


Denise Zidel, founder of Snob, has always been profoundly affected by the beauty, artistry and soul of the pieces created by artisans and designers she has encountered in far-flung places. Bringing these pieces – and their makers- to an international marketplace is a joy and privilege.


Strong cultural and aesthetic voices, traditional techniques and incredible innovation in an environment of little are celebrated in the works of Snob’s partner artists and small businesses. Whether it’s wire sculpture made from found materials, toys fashioned from tin cans, traditional headdresses painstakingly weaved, hand-beaded and hand-carved dolls, or pieces wrapped in textiles unique to a region, Snob’s mission is to bring gorgeous home décor into North American homes. But to do so we must celebrate and empower the amazing talent we’ve partnered with across the continent of Africa.


Everything you find here is ethically sourced and many of Snob’s partners are also involved in local community projects. You can feel good knowing that purchasing these items is an investment in the lives and local communities of the artist. We do this in many ways: we only work directly with artists or their direct associates– no middlemen; we pay asking price for goods and base our selling price on this; we cultivate relationships to form long-lasting business connections.

We are eager to help tell the unique stories of those we work with. We invite you to follow our blog for a snapshot of some of the talented people we work with, their process, and point of view.