A Trip To Senegal

Snob Senegal trip masks at the market Oh Senegal, how I love thee! On the coast of west Africa, nestled between Guinea, Mali and Mauritania, it’s a beautiful country I love to visit. Between the warm people, the local talent creating stunning art and designs and the fine fine food, it’s a favourite place for me. The masks above are hand-carved. Look at that striking display in the market — each is imbued with so much personality. senegal blog Metal chair While mask-carving is a time-honoured tradition in Senegal, there’s so much more to the arts and design market here. Weaving, carving, metal work and textile design are perfected arts that will make your jaw drop as you wander through Senegalese markets. It’s astonishing to watch artisans work with what the environment provides. Take for instance this fabulous chair made from recycled tin drums. It’s really quite comfortable and I love how it’s shape is defined by both positive and negative space. Senegal blog - resting man in fabulous textiles I wasn’t joking about its comfort! Just look at this stylish man in repose. Senegal is known for its fabulous textiles as you can plainly see in this most amazing outfit. Behind him, you’ll see more examples of textile designs and some finely woven baskets. Senegal Carving by foot 1 I was so lucky to get a peak into a workshop to see some artisans working on delicate and detailed wood sculptures. Primarily creating human and animal forms, it was a privilege to see these artists at work. With deft skill and speed, pieces full of life would emerge from a simple block of wood. It was a mesmerizing and inspirational process to watch. senegal reclining woman sculpture Here are a few examples of the the finished product. Not bringing home this woman is one of my regrets. I look back at this photo with such a sense of coulda-shoulda-woulda. This is the one that got away. Do you ever feel that way about souvenirs you decide not to buy? Senegal blog - sculptures And a few more examples in the market. Love the embracing forms. Senegal blog Sculpture - giraffe Now these metal giraffes are everything, wouldn’t you agree? They’ve got a little sparkle, interesting form and texture, fine detail in their faces and spots. They hold the story of their country and their culture, the person who created them. This is the perfect sort of home accessory. It livens a space with its incredible dimension. Senegal blog - eating No trip of mine is complete without a fine meal with friends. My hubby joined me on this trip and as you can see was as enamoured as I with the local cuisine.Senegal hotel And here’s part of our view from the hotel located on the coast. It was one of the most amazing places. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, full of great memories and fabulous finds I sourced for Snob.

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